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Brianna Sharp

Brianna Sharp

Qualified Veterinary Nurse

I am a qualified veterinary nurse of 9 years and I am very passionate about animals. I currently only work part time as a vet nurse as we have just had a baby girl in November 2016. My partner Shaun and I started small animal boarding nearly 3 years ago and are very dedicated to the care of our guests whilst they are holidaying with us.

We have two lovely house buns of our own, Stella and Cino and two piggies named Kendrick and Cheezel.  

Bree's Bunny Boarding offers top quality care of your rabbits and guinea pigs in the home environment. All boarders are housed inside to ensure they are safe from predators and disease, protected from extreme weather/ temperatures and are treated as part of the family to help reduce the stress of being away from home.

Rabbits and guinea pigs are welcome to board for both short term and long term stays.

Any boarders requiring medicating or more in depth care can be catered for.




Pen Set up and care- what's included?

We house our guests inside the home in large pens which allows them to run, stand, play, jump and binky. Pen sizes vary depending on the number of guests in each set up.

All of our guests are provided with the essentials to keep them comfortable, occupied and happy during their stay with us. This includes soft fluffy bedding (changed regularly), litter trays (Breeder's Choice paper litter) and a huge variety of toys which are constantly rotated to keep them stimulated. Toys vary from treat balls, rattles, tunnels, boxes, homemade toys filled with yummy fruit and veggies and much more!

We also have ducted heating and air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature for everyone.

Your pet will be provided with unlimited oaten hay, fresh veggies daily and treats (in moderation). All guests are closely monitored to ensure they are eating, pooing and behaving normally. We will contact you immediately if there are any concerns.

The pellets we offer (as treats) are Oxbow rabbit or guinea pig pellets. If your pet prefers a different type, please provide this to us for us to feed during their stay.

Please let us know if your pet has any dietary requirements prior to staying with us so we can cater for those specific needs.

Complimentary services:

  • Nail trim
  • Regular updates with photos of your pet holidaying with us via email, text or messenger

Please ensure you are contactable at all times, or have a second person of contact we can reach.




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