Rabbit Accommodation


Pen sizes and charges

We offer a range of pen set ups depending on the number of guests in each pen and to allow our clients to choose an option which is financially suitable for their needs.

Medium Pen

From $20 / Night
  • 1.6m X 1.6m Pen
  • Suitable for 1-4 rabbits
  • One rabbit- $20 per night
  • Two rabbits- $30 per night
  • Three rabbits- $40 per night
  • Four rabbits- $45 per night

Large Pen

From $30 / Night
  • 2.4m X 1.6m Pen
  • Suitable for 1- 5 rabbits
  • One rabbit- $30 per night
  • Two rabbits- $40
  • Three rabbits- $50
  • Four rabbits- $55

Use pen 1.8mX2.4m

Whats included in our boarding fees?

Everything is included in these boarding fees, all you need to provide is your rabbit/ guinea pig!

Your pet will be provided with:

  • Unlimited oaten hay
  • Fresh vegetables twice daily
  • Treats (in moderation)
  • Oxbow pellets (please bring your own pellets if it differs from Oxbow)
  • Clean, fresh drinking water (bowls and sipper bottles available)
  • Clean, soft bedding (daily room service)
  • Litter trays
  • Toys for stimulation- boxes, tunnels, hidey holes, treat balls, homemade toys etc
  • Air conditioning, ducted heating
  • Constantly monitored for any signs of illness or anything out of the ordinary

All pens, bedding and equipment are thoroughly cleaned between each guest.

Complimentary services

  • Nail clipping
  • Regular updates and photos of your pet's stay with us via email, text or messenger

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